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    In the past, Lordaeron was the capital of the human race. But now, little remains of what once was a great kingdom. On the surface, Lordaeron is barren and in ruins, but beneath the city...

    Another kingdom prospers.

    The Forsaken built an elaborate network of tunnels and passage ways deep beneath the surface of the city they once called home. They now call it The Undercity.

    "Why do I put up with that idiot..." Sylvanas thought to herself as she walked through the halls of her glorious city.

    Being the queen and looking out for her people's best interests, she had been researching a way to increase the population of Forsaken. Being undead, they are unable to procreate, which is a significant disadvantage the Forsaken have compared to the other members of the Horde. She had alchemists concoct potions and remedies to raise the dead, which did work, but when the dead came back to life they were as dumb as rocks.
    With the death of the Lich King, minions of the Scourge were left without a leader, free to roam the frozen wastes of Northrend. Sylvanas saw this an opportuniy and quickly traveled to Northrend and spoke to the Valk'yr. Shortly after, the Valk'yr were recruited into the Forsaken numbers.
    Sylvanas had recently shown her new allies to Garrosh Hellscream, the Warchief of the Horde, he saw the resurrection of the dead as a crime against nature. He claimed that she was no better than the Lich King. Now Hellscream's guards are in the Undercity, keeping a watchful eye on Forsaken activities, which has the Dark Lady on edge. Unaware to Sylvanas, however, is a new problem she'll have to worry about.

    "My Lady!" A messenger yelled as he ran towards Sylvanas.
    "We've got a huge problem."
    "What is it? Speak!" The Dark lady demanded, she saw fear in his eyes and knew this wasn't just another failed alchemy expirement. (Which often occur in the Undercity.)
    "The Worgen! They've... They've taken over Brill."
    "Crowley..." Sylvanas said between her teeth.
    "Rally the troops! Tell them to be outside in five minutes. Go!"
    "Yes my Lady!" And the messenger ran off.
    "Greymane and his lapdog Crowley have gone too far this time..." Sylvanas thought, remembering the several assassination attempts on her life by the Worgen.

    Negiem and Sid ran as fast as they could towars Undercity. They had to warn Sylvanas. Little did they know, Sylvanas was on her way with an army.
    Both groups met up at the halfway point between Brill and Undercity.

    "Sylvanas!" Sid gasped as he saw the Dark Lady on her skeletal steed. He quickly kneeled and nudged Negiem in the ribs to do the same.

    Sylvanas was simply stunning. She was pale and slender, her eyes were a blood red and black tears dripped down her cheek. Her hair was long and black, her armor was elegant and showed off her waist. A cloak that resembled a bat wing draped over her, as well as her bow and quiver attached to her back. The essence of death surrounded her, she was a beautifully terrifying sight.

    "Sid. How many of them are down there?"
    "I'm not sure, but there's a lot. Crowley is with them.
    "Who's this?" Sylvanas looked at Negiem.
    "One of the newly risen, I've taken him as my apprentice. His name is Negiem, he's shown remarkable skills, we could use him."
    "Interesting. Negiem, I'm sure you know who I am. Go with Sid and arm yourself properly. We're going to take our town back. Remember, the Dark Lady watches over you." Sylvanas rode off with her army of undead soldiers following.

    "Let's go, we've got dogs to kill."
Chapter 6!

New writing style comes into play here, tried to make it look cleaner and less bunched together. It's probably not grammatically correct but I like it.

*All copyrighted material belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.
ziear Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No actually I rather like this style. When I'm writing it seems like I have to make up something to lead into the next spoken words. It flows nicely. :3
Negiem Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2010
Thanks so much for the comment! I'm still trying to improve on my writing style though, I still feel like I can do better. xD
DrakeStirLawl Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010  Professional General Artist
Negiem about to get strapped!
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